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The energy industry is cyclical, largely characterized by volatile commodity prices, high capital expenditures and ever-changing regulatory oversight. When operations falter or strategic initiatives do not follow the plan, a financial or operational restructuring, or a combination of both, may be needed. Having worked for both companies and their stakeholders, our professionals have engaged in numerous in- and out-of-court restructuring situations, providing crisis management and advisory services affecting operational and financial restructurings and guiding clients through the bankruptcy process.

As advisors to companies, we have helped stabilize and revitalize operations, creating long-term value by reducing costs, shedding non-essential operations, realigning capital structures, developing viable plans for working capital and long-term financing and structuring reorganization plans. In our work with stakeholders, we have successfully argued for value, supported litigation, provided formal company- and industry-specific reports, developed competing reorganization plans and supported the entirety of our efforts with testimony and expert work product.

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